IV-P Zulu Kata Women’s Shirt


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This African women’s print shirt is vibrant, diverse and intricately designed. Its bright colors and vivid patterns are instantly recognizable. Consequently, it is ideal for any occasion and is a visually engaging garment with enough room for the bust, comfort, and flexibility. There’s no reason to separate African and western fashions; by combining the two, you can create truly original and arresting outfits. Why not look for inspiration in our range of apparel today?


Do you want to experiment with this African fashion without completely altering your current aesthetic?

There’s no denying how beautiful, bold and versatile African print materials are. If you’re looking to break with tradition and experiment with contemporary styles, this casual African print long sleeve shirt for women can be used to create a fashionable and unique style that is right on trend. This apparel is made from 100% high-quality High-quality Ankara fabrics of pure cotton with well-detailed color combinations and patterns. A true definition of class and African heritage. This shirt is perfect for audaciously vibrant dresses, plain trousers, jeans, and skirts. There is nothing better than being cozy, find an outstanding luxury edit of ground-breaking designs with this luxuries casual African print long sleeve shirt for women.

Whether you want to appear formal or in casuals, style should never be compromised. This Ankara African fabric preserves its initial color and texture even after numerous wash. Suitable for all kinds of beautiful styles, for occasions and casual wears. You can also get this as a gift for relatives, friends, colleagues, bosses and also suitable for evening hang out. It is one of the coolest garment to wear during hot summer days. Made of fine cotton blend. The material is relatively thin and lightweight and best if hand washed.


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