Many individuals do not consider headwraps as an all year round accessories but rather as a seasonal accessory. Many individuals only result to head wraps and especially African headwraps when they are experiencing lousy hair days. The current trends in fashion statements are gradually evolving to incorporate African head wraps as an ideal fashion statement. Initially, African head wraps were mostly worn by women on occasions such as funerals or weddings, but that has since changed.  For instance among the Guyanese females some time back the only time they would be seen rocking their full African attires including head wraps was only during the Emancipation Day which is celebrated on 1st August but not on any other day. The African headwraps are not just being used as a statement of tradition or culture but also as a trending bold fashion statement.

Why some females are hesitant to embrace the African head wraps

African head wraps are not only popular among the women in the African continent but are on the contrary also popular with African American females. There is a population of women that refrain from wearing head wraps as they deem them to have a broader meaning than just the aesthetic function. The individuals who fall into this category fear to appear ridiculous for wearing the African head wraps without fully comprehending their significance. Many individuals fail to understand the importance or meaning of the African head wraps because a majority of designers making them are not knowledgeable about the history or cultural inference linked to them. However, some do for instance in Nigeria; there are specific headwraps that when worn can classify a woman as single, married, Virgin or a widow.

Factors to consider when selecting African head wraps

As opposed to what many people tend to think it is not all African head wraps that have a cultural or historical inference linked to them. Some of the designs created are just as a result of improvisation and creativity. The art of head-wrapping is not that complicated, and any willing individual can learn some of the necessary skills. The type of African head wrap one decides to put on can be determined by several aspects such as the event the wearer is attending. Different types of African headwraps are ideal for various functions or occasions. The headwrap can be made using the same fabric as that of the rest of the attire, or different material can be used. It all depends on the preference of an individual.

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