Africa – the second largest continent and one of the hottest places of this earth, is considered by eminent historians to be one of those places too where human civilization was first witnessed. Africa is culturally also very distinguished from the other parts of the world. People here embrace their art and sense of fashion which can be regarded to be synonymous to ‘boho’ (Bohemian) in nature.


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The fashion that doesn’t follow the rules

They do not follow the pre-written rules of style and they solely focus on art. One can tell how the Bohemian culture had a significant influence on the African inspired fashion accessories for women, by simply taking a glance at a typical African jewelry. Be it a simple bracelet or an elite necklace, the sense of earthiness and simplicity along with grace and beauty is always visible in such accessories. And why just bracelets or necklaces? This is present in all kinds of accessories, be it anklets, pendants, nose pins, hairbands, rings or earrings. The African inspired fashion accessories for women, besides being alluring and straightforward, are also very versatile. They can be teamed up with almost everything a woman prefers wearing – t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, blouses, sarees, suits, anything.

Labour-intensive techniques in making process

Africa, because of being an under-developed economy, mostly prefers labor-intensive methods of production and thus, even today the African inspired fashion accessories for women are handmade. This provides a certain level of belonging to the buyer. Also, they are very bright in colors. The folks of Africa are merry in nature. They do not go along with the use of limited shades of black or white or grey only in terms of fashion. They welcome the use of bright colors like yellow, orange, blue, green, etc., which is not generally regarded fashionable in this modern era. In every such fashion accessory, the use of bright colors is a must. This makes them pleasant to the eyes and people sometimes even opt it over high-end branded jewels. Also, being lightweight and resplendently lustrous makes them suitable for all seasons especially summer. But most importantly, the African inspired fashion accessories for women perfectly showcases the vivid art and culture of Africa. They perfectly blend the different cultures prevailing in different parts of Africa.