Fashion comprises two significant elements, art, and science. The art element of fashion is what enables the designer to create designs that express various messages or creations that fit the different preferences of diverse individuals. The science element of fashion is essential in the garment construction process. It is therefore vital that a designer has competent skills in both the art and science components of fashion. The one trending way of making a fashion statement today is by the use of African skirts. These skirts have become a must-have item in your wardrobe today.

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Types of African skirts

There are various diverse types of African print skirts that can be worn for numerous occasions. The skirts also come in a wide selection of colors as well as designs which means they will be complementary to most items in your wardrobe. The skirt designs range from African pencil skirts to African maxi skirts, African miniskirts, and African midi skirts. The skirts in these categories can be further classified depending on the decorative features added to them and the length of the skirt.

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Further classification of African skirts

For instance, when it comes to the African maxi skirts, they can be further classified into other categories such as African maxi skirts with side slits, high waist African maxi skirts, African maxi skirts with pockets, African dashiki maxi skirts with pockets Marcia, African print skirts with long slit and scarf. In addition to classification by the distinctive features available the African skirts can also be classified according to the fabric used in making it. Several African fabrics can be used to create African skirts such as dashiki print fabrics, kente cloth fabric, Ankara African print fabric and the Gia long African print fabric to mention a few.

What is the ideal place to wear African skirts?

The material used to make the African skirts is high quality. The skirts can be worn to almost any social or casual encounters. The vibrant colors incorporated in the fabric might not be ideal for formal wear, but there are those with neutral colors that can be selected to fit that purpose. The diverse designs, lengths, and details available on the African skirts give the consumers an endless assortment to choose from which makes it impossible to lack an item that suits your preference or ideal for the occasion.

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