Sometimes fashion designers look into traditional fashion as their source of inspiration for modern style. When it might be hard to design clothing that will match to the taste of the masses, a good set of accessories will always add a “WOW” factor to any wardrobe. For those who are bold, brave, down to earth, fit into any budget, and those wanting a big colorful touch to that boring plain dress then look no further than African inspired fashion accessories.

Colorful and beautiful

Africa is a land where the traditional accessories are organic yet colorful, chaotic yet beautiful, individual yet conforming to the group. What did you expect? Africa is the land of raw nature. A chaotic mess of elegant and subtle combinations of many things that blend well in whatever is thrown at it, a very diverse land. Like in a traditional handcrafted accessory where every piece is a unique individual and as a whole it is naturally pleasing to look at.

African inspired fashion accessories are big and bold since the natives wear so little clothing. The indigenous tribes in Africa dress themselves in accessories rather than actual clothes where each accessory has a meaning or story behind them. They use plenty of small things and carefully assembles them to make one enormous accessory. It will always be big and bold which is perfect for that boring, bland old dress. And did I mention that the accessory is large as a whole? I did, many times. So you might want to build up some endurance especially around the nape.

Wide range of materials used

The list of materials and patterns one can use to make an African accessory is long as long as the material looks organic. African craftsmen would use carved stones, animal teeth, sea shells, wood, and glass for their accessory. The materials for the modern African accessory can be fabric, bead, metal, glass, folded paper, or whatever you see that would closely resemble what the African craftsman would use.

With all that in mind, anyone can create some African inspired fashion accessories at home with new or recyclable materials and organize them into a myriad of materials and patterns to make a unique accessory. You don’t need to be a pro at fashion, all you need is a quick search in any internet search engine, hit images, and feast your eyes on some African inspiration for your next fashion ensemble.